Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Wine Stoppers & photo hints

So I seriously cannot quite stop myself from making these.  Thankfully I am out of corks for a while yet.  I knew that I needed to take more and better pics than what I had before (phone quality versus camera with photo edit quality).

 Before I had taken a group shot of them, but in a white box instead of this clear, acrylic wine glass.  Also, since I took the latter picture outdoors, the colors look better and were easier to adjust to more realistic colors.  I took pics on the perfect day, it had been sunny out, but the clouds rolled in so had just the right amount of coverage.

Previously, I was desperate to share with you, so I took pics in a spare bedroom.  The carpet is a great neutral color (great for carpet, not the best backdrop in this case.)  I think that the contrasting background helps the colors pop better (the background is my patio - concrete stained and stamped to look like wood)

I also got to group the items a little more creatively when I was outside (I took my time instead of rushing).  This allows better color combos as well as provides greater interest rather than having only the same "poses" over and over again.

I also found that the distance shot of the bottle was MUCH better, cuter, and had far more interest than my inside distance shots!

Good photos can make or break a post, but also an etsy sale!!  Feel free to check out the SHOP section of this blog to see which wine stoppers on in my etsy shop.

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