Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 quilts

So while took the pledge process to not just post finished projects but the process from start to finish, I cannot help but post some completed projects from this past year (2010). So excuse my proud mama moment.

 Above is a crib size quilt that I made for a friend's baby shower.  I got this pattern from the Moda Bake Shop site by a great crafter from V and Co.  I ended up using parts of a jelly roll for the border and letters and yardage for the binding and back.  I found a cute white with black dots for the background to keep it simple.  To quilt I just made parallel lines going horizontally.  I used a quilt guide attachment for this one - noteworthy: if you are off on one - of course you will be off on the rest!!

 Above was my "first" quilt.  I made it in an evening quilt class.  While the quilt colors are not my favorite (very bright!) I was impressed with all the tricks/tips that I learned in that class.  To quilt the teacher had us keep it simple - just stitch the ditch.  On one that my mother pieced together - she had me quilt an "E" for my niece on each of the plain blocks.  Turned out Very cute!
 Above was my actual first quilt.  I made this the summer before I learned how to make a quilt.  Full disclosure: I did not do the quilting part - just the piecing.  This ended up being a full-size quilt and would not fit in my machine to quilt.

This cutie quilt was also for a friend's baby shower.  Found this pattern in a quilting magazine - but was afraid to try the circle they had recommended, so I adapted to make it crib size.  I used a variety of fabrics here - but the polka dot fabric was moda.  Can't remember about the rest.  Ended up loving the purplish color!


Above was my favorite quilt that I have made.  It was for my sister-in-law's baby.  I got the pattern from a fantastic blog: Bee Square Fabric
Then made some cute fabric boxes that I also learned from a blog called Crazy Mom Quilts
both from blogs that I get fantastic ideas from!!

New to this blog thing

So I have been searching blogs for cute ideas and projects for a few months now. I love the idea of posting my projects, cute ideas that I think of, and getting feedback from others. I figured I would give it a shot and see what happens.

So more about me...
I am in education and love teaching. I teach at a college and will likely sometimes post funnies from them. I love reading - well, what I call reading - I listen to audiobooks so that I can multi-task; so while mostly this blog will be geared towards my stress relief of craftiness, I cannot help but yell from the mountain tops when I read a good or especially bad book. I came up with the sew sane Jane name (I know-my lack of creativity is why I need to look up blogs to get ideas for crafty projects) as sewing has become my major stress reliever over the past year. Not that sewing doesn't stress me from time to time, it is just nice not to think of my daily life stressors for the hour or so that I become engrossed in a project.

Hope you enjoy and aren't too bored. Happy reading.
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