About my Blog

In General:
So the intent of this blog was to share my sewing/crafty projects to ... well whomever. When I was sharing with my husband he just smiled and said, "yea, great" without any enthusiasm. So, I thought I'd try this blogging thing. I like learning new software, but I'm still working on figuring out how to make this system "fancier." I'll get there - I hope.

I have found that I sometimes link to tutorials over creating my own when I have used someone else's tutorial.  I feel like a cheater if I create a tutorial of my own of a project from which I am following a tutorial.  Thus, forgive the lack of process description in some cases - but somewhere in the post I am generally linking back to a much better tutorial than I could create.

Other times I have created a tutorial-ish post that tries to describe how I have gone about creating something.  If you ever have questions about a post please feel free to contact me.  Out of courtesy, please link back to my post if you are ever posting about something you discovered on this site.  THANKS!

'Final'ly Friday Linky Parties:
A few months into blogging I discovered "Linky Parties."  I LOVE the concept!  I was able to share a piece of my work with a more diverse population of readers - and able to read a broader blog base of craftiness.  I found several fantastic blogs based on searching through linky parties!  Thus, I decided to try to start a Linky Party of my own.  A Friday party to contrast with the Monday parties I typically link up with.  Hope you enjoy and get as much out of linkies as I have in the past.

Eat More Cake:
Since my husband makes fun of me anyway for being my grandmother (the sewing, my taste in clothes apparently, and the fact that I do go to my grandmother's a couple of times a year specifically to learn a new "secret" recipe from her baking vault) why not share with you that I also like to bake. So I sometimes show/explain some of my baking adventures. Keep in mind that I would not be opening a bakery anytime soon - I just like to make sweet treats.
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