Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 quilts

So while took the pledge process to not just post finished projects but the process from start to finish, I cannot help but post some completed projects from this past year (2010). So excuse my proud mama moment.

 Above is a crib size quilt that I made for a friend's baby shower.  I got this pattern from the Moda Bake Shop site by a great crafter from V and Co.  I ended up using parts of a jelly roll for the border and letters and yardage for the binding and back.  I found a cute white with black dots for the background to keep it simple.  To quilt I just made parallel lines going horizontally.  I used a quilt guide attachment for this one - noteworthy: if you are off on one - of course you will be off on the rest!!

 Above was my "first" quilt.  I made it in an evening quilt class.  While the quilt colors are not my favorite (very bright!) I was impressed with all the tricks/tips that I learned in that class.  To quilt the teacher had us keep it simple - just stitch the ditch.  On one that my mother pieced together - she had me quilt an "E" for my niece on each of the plain blocks.  Turned out Very cute!
 Above was my actual first quilt.  I made this the summer before I learned how to make a quilt.  Full disclosure: I did not do the quilting part - just the piecing.  This ended up being a full-size quilt and would not fit in my machine to quilt.

This cutie quilt was also for a friend's baby shower.  Found this pattern in a quilting magazine - but was afraid to try the circle they had recommended, so I adapted to make it crib size.  I used a variety of fabrics here - but the polka dot fabric was moda.  Can't remember about the rest.  Ended up loving the purplish color!


Above was my favorite quilt that I have made.  It was for my sister-in-law's baby.  I got the pattern from a fantastic blog: Bee Square Fabric
Then made some cute fabric boxes that I also learned from a blog called Crazy Mom Quilts
both from blogs that I get fantastic ideas from!!


  1. Hi Jane,
    Love your baby quilts. What exactly is a quilt guide attachment? Would love to try that eat, play, sleep, repeat quilt...

  2. I really like the polka dots that you used on the back of the eat, play, sleep quilt. I just finished that pattern as well and also used polka dots on the background fabric, but the color was more muted. I admire how bright and cheerful your quilt turned out.


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