Monday, April 11, 2011

A Bib for the Ages

So, some months ago a friend came up with the idea of a "picture prop" for all those fantastic mommies and daddies that like to take monthly update pictures of their cuties.  We started with the idea of a onesie which morphed into an idea for a bib.  I attempted this concept once before; with that particular bib pattern I only made 1-4 months as I was afraid that the bib would not fit too well thereafter.

A friend of a friend was looking at the bib and asked about making it useful for longer.  Searching I went online for a new bib pattern.  I searched and found Lots of cute ones, but none that I was confident about sizes with.  Then, I stumbled upon a cute tutorial (of which I have already lost - I am so sorry.  If you are reading this and recognize it, let me know - I Want to give credit to the creator of the bib shape!).

I decided to change the dimensions up a bit to make it 9.5" in length, 9.5" wide at the bottom, and 7.5" wide at the top.

I made the numbers and letters in a Word document, adjusted to the desired size, and printed on plain paper to use as a template for the numbers and the "mo". I then cut the letters out of just the red flannel, and cut the numbers out of a cream felt (for sturdiness and durability) and the red flannel.  I topstitched the mo to the top later of fabric along with a .5" bit of sew-on velcro.
I then sewed the "Wild Thyme" fabric to a plain cream colored Kona solid (I don't actually remember the exact color - it was some leftover from a previous project), attached the flannel "bias tape," and attached velcro to the back of each of the numbers.
How cute right?!?  I actually intended this to be a "gender neutral" set of color choices.  While the colors themselves are gender neutral, I think that the Wild Thyme fabric ended up looking a bit girly.  Apparently, I have trouble picking out fabrics that don't make me say, Awww when it comes to babies (as this is my 3rd attempt to find neutral fabrics).  Ah, well.  I think it is adorable anyway. 

It is currently for sale in my Etsy shop!

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