Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A More Insightful Bib

Are you getting sick of Photo Bib posts yet? Sorry. I tend to get on kicks (they are usually brief though, so hang in there). I have previously posted about photo bibs, here and here.

Originally the conception was to create a set of onesies that would display how old baby was for monthly picture updates. Worried about baby not being "true to size," I was hesitant to make them - thus was born the bib idea. In looking for bib patterns, I came across this Cute pattern and all - but I was worried about it only fitting up to about 4 months.

Eyeballing it, I used the same basic pattern by enlarged it (mentally, not the pattern itself which might have been a mistake). They turned out cute, but the one is fit for like a 10 year old!

Online a bit ago, I found the idea to make a bib of a completely different shape. I made this instead for my number bib. I love this shape, but it is pretty modern.

A friend of a friend wanted one to give as a gift, but like the original shape better. Wanting numbers for months 1-12, I went back to the drawing board.
Finally, inspiration hit. A bib that would allow for a variety of neck sizes; one that would "grow" with baby. Instead of a back velcro closure, I make a dual sided button closure. Two buttons on each side allow for you to control the neck size.

Some of these available on my ETSY store. More soon to come.

-Sew Sane Jane
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