Friday, April 13, 2012

'Final'ly Friday Linky #2 - and a decision

So I have been obsessing over the pieces plus design for a bit if you remember.  I showed layout options as I couldn't decide how to handle the charm size pieces pluses I had made.  I finally made a decision.....

I finally decided based on reviewing the pics of the three options a few times after a bit of a break to get a fresh viewpoint.  (comments also helped - thanks).  

I used a few charms I had laying around - and some leftover "snow" Kona fabric from a previous project. Thankfully (once again) I am a perpetual over-purchaser as I had enough of this left.  

I described a bit in the last post about how I cut the charms to create the 3 pieces of each print fabric I would need.  I did the same with the Kona Snow fabric - only using yardage so I cut WOF to 2.5" and then cut (8) 2.5" squares and (4) 5" strips.

Once I was done cutting, I laid out the pieces on my work table so I could see what it looked like.  I started in the center and worked my way out in each direction until I had a size just over 21"x31" finished (with the quarter inch seams - the actual layout was more like 26"x40"ish).  

Pin and sew each row (chain piecing is your friend!!).  Sew each segment in the rows, the press seams - I pressed to one side or the other, but it shouldn't matter much on this project.  I like to sew rows together in even widths to reduce pulling and stretching - so sew two rows together, then sew a set of two to a sew of two, a set of four to a set of 4, etc....  (I pressed row seams open to reduce the bulkiness at each row)

Once all rows are sewed together, I cut down to size (using the shortest rows as a guide)

I actually have a use for this size of "top," (it is a bit smaller than the last + quilt top I made) so I pinned a piece of terry cloth to the front of the "quilt" and sewed around the edge with a 1/4" seem.  Leave an opening for turning of about 6-8".  Once done, trim corners and turn right-side out.  Press edges and turn in the opening 1/4".  Top stitch around edge to ensure it stays together.  

I added a few free-hand waves to quilt the layers together and - you now have yourself an UNBELIEVABLY useful item.  

I use mine as one of these options nearly on a daily basis: dish dryer (especially when I empty the dishwasher and am left with all that water on the top of plastics), a massive trivet for a pan, an ovenmit for large pans and such to stretch from side to side, or a table runner as my needs fit.

So that is my 'Final'ly Friday project - what's yours?

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  1. This looks great!!! I need to make one of these :)


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