Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inspiration "Stacks" and a growl

So about 6months ago I bought these perception cards from Usborn Books. I got them to use in class when I get to the Sensation and Perception chapter (educator by day). I like most of the 50 cards that were in the set, but I actually had this one hanging on my board in my office.

Depending on your reference point, the blocks could be stacked so the darkest color is the top of the block, the bottom of the block, or even the side of the block. This entertains me greatly, and I stare at it frequently!!

So one day while I was not grading, I decided i should try to replicate with fabric.

This is where the growling. Comes into play. I fist decided to try with some pinkish/purplish fabric as a trial run. I didn't have much of these fabrics, I just wanted to test out some different size ideas.

So I finally figured out the general size I wanted, but apparently put the triangle in on the wrong angle. Additionally, I forgot to shift when I was pinning to allow for the 1/4" seam, this it looked pretty awful when I got done.

I decided to try with another color family, a blue/teal combo. I was feeling confident since I knew what went wrong, and cut all the fabric of the relevant colors.....

This was fine except I forgot to cut on the opposite diagonal so when I rotated 90*, I realized it wouldn't line up right. More growling!!! So, I had to go back and cut all the pieces down a bit so they were 4.5" on all sides (previously cut to 4.5"x5.5").

Which also meant that I had to re-cut the 60* triangles to 4.5" too.

I liked it all laid out (although I think the triangles might be too wide. I need to think about that a bit longer.)

More on the rest the the growls of this project later! I didn't have a fun time piecing this together and think it will become a runner down the center of a new ironing board cover.

 I still like this idea but need to make some changes to the sizes I think . (and reading a few other blogs for tips about sewing equilateral triangles won't hurt either :)

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  1. oh the pitfalls of trying new things, I really like the effect you achieved though- very modern and geometric.

  2. I like it, some times i do the same thing tryng to figure out news ideas
    This entertains me greatly too.


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