Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swap-Tastic Newness = RO-GB

One Down, One Up, and More to Go.  I am now ADDICTED to hosting swaps!!  (and participating of course!!)

One Down: So I have recently wrapped up my Charm-Tastic Color Swap.  We swapped 5" rainbow charms - each of 28 participants assigned a color to result in loveliness:
Click on button to see our flickr group of all fabrics chosen
I had a great time hosting the swap (I know I vented a bit in my last update, but although I feel awful being the heavy, it worked) and want to start another right away!!!  I have been kicking around ideas for a bit.  I have (2) different ideas forming in my head, but think for this swap I am going to go for "Split-Complimentary Colors." 

One Up: I love the idea of complimentary colors (colors that are across from each other on the color wheel) - which is likely why I have been loving the teal/red color combo lately.  However, I also feel like that color combo has been in a few recent swaps.  I don't want swappers to get bored with the same color swaps and not paticipate.  Thus, I decided to try a variation on the comlimentary color swap - a split complimentary color swap.

Jenni of In Color Order has been an amazing resource of color knowledge and expertise!!  She wrote a blog series on "The Art of Choosing [Colors]."  I have learned a lot about color reading her blog - including about split-complimentary colors.  I love several of the color combos, but am leaning towards the red-orange, green, blue color combo.  Below is the color wheel that Jenni made to depit this combo of colors:
Red-orange, Green, Blue
Thank you to Jenni of www.incolororder.blogspot.com
for creating the fabulous color wheel for our viewing pleasure
So....I am organizing a double-charm(5"x10"), (3) yard, split-complimentary color swap - using red-orange, green, and blue color pallet.  Each participant will purchase (1) yard each of (3) fabrics [(1) red-orange, (1) green, and (1) blue].

Sew Sane Jane

SWAP STILL OPEN.  WE NEED ABOUT 10 MORE PEOPLE TO SIGN UP.  Remember, you only have to purchase 3 yards of fabric, and you receive a fabulous mix of fabrics in the same color scheme that equals 3 yards back. To sign up, Please complete the sign-up form HERE

Side Notes:

  • Once you choose submit for that section, that information will be sent to me but others will not be able to see it.  I will send out a confirmation e-mail to you and solicitation to join our flickr group.
  • You will need to be on flickr to participate (so sign-up for an account if you do not have one).  
  • Please only sign up if you are in a smoke-free home as smoke clings to fabric like you would not believe.  
  • International participants welcome - we will just have to adjust shipping dates to ensure we get everything in a timely manner. 
  • Our goal is that I have all fabric received by 6/4 at the latest so I can collate and send out directly

The Deal:
Once you get a confirmation of participation e-mail from yours truly:
  • You will buy (1) yard of fabric of (3) different fabrics - [(1) red-orange, (1) green, & (1) blue]
    • fabric should be 100% high quality quilters cotton (from LQS or reputable online quilt fabric store - NO JoAnn or Hobby Lobby fabric allowed - it really isn't as good of quality!)
    • Your fabric should "read" the specific color, but it can have small flecks of other colors if you choose.  
    • You may go for solids or prints as you see fit.  If choosing prints: you should steer clear of large print fabrics as once they are cut into 5"x10" double charms you loose the print.
    • do NOT wash your fabric.  
  • You will post on our flickr group which prints you have selected to ensure there are no doubles.  When you do, this is where you should also include info about the print for others to see - fabric name, line, company (this is always helpful if you fall in love with a fabric and need more for your stash!).
  • You will cut your selected fabric into "Double Charms" = 5"x10" charms (Tutorial for cutting posted soon - careful as you cut these - or you might need 1 1/8th yard of fabric)
    • Each yard of fabric should = (28) 5"x10" charms.  Which means that total you will be sending me (84) double charms total.
  • You will put your stacks of fabric into a Ziploc baggie and include the details of you and your fabrics on an index card
    • your name, e-mail address, physical address, fabric name and company, ...
  • You will send me your fabric, index card, and a self addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) (Flat Rate envelopes are FABULOUS!) to me no later than 6/4 (I'm going to be out of town a week in there so that's why the extra week).  
    • I recommend using a flat-rate envelope ($5.15-5.30) as it is the simpliest way to ensure that the return package is pre-paid fully. 
    • ***Make sure that you get stamps for pre-paid or complete the transaction online as a print-out.  There were some issues for my last swap about other methods of pre-payment.  Namely, if your post office gives you the barcode version with the date stamped on it - my post office yells at me and threatens to not send it through unless I pay another $5.15.  The ones with the $5.15 stamps or the print-outs from USPS online had no trouble or scolding
  • Enjoy your (84) double-charms once they are sent back to you!
 If you (international or not) would prefer that I cut the fabrics - Order fabrics online, have them sent to me, and for a nominal fee I will cut for you.  If you are intested in this option, please contact me and I will set up an Etsy "sale" for this (to cover the nominal fee + cost of shipping back to you in lieu of SASE (US residents: this totals $9.00; international participants: $20.00USD))

Hopefully More to Go: Stay tuned to this blog AND the Fabric Swap Finder for more swaps coming throughout the year ... ADDICTED!!

Reminder: Join the Fabric Swap Finder Flickr Group to hear about upcoming swaps, give input into the next swaps, post about and solicit members for your next swap, etc.


  1. Yay! I hope I make the sign up! They are addictive.

  2. This looks like such an awesome swap. What time zone is the 7 am swap time?

  3. When you say that it should "read" the color. What exactly do you mean?


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