Friday, May 4, 2012

Letters, Letters, Letters

So I am organizing/hosting the ROGB fabric swap.  Red-orange, Green, and Blue is a great color combo.  Unusual in some respects, but coordinates well.  This color combo is called  "split-complimentary" as rather than using only two colors (opposite sides of color wheel), you use three colors (a Y shape - one from one side of color wheel, then split the difference on each side of the wheel.
I am addicted to fabric, but like scrappy looking quilts with a nice variety of fabrics.  One of the best ways to get a variety of fabrics is in a fabric swap.  Each person purchases X amount of fabric, cuts as determined by the swap host, then sends the cut fabric to the host.  The host collects all fabric, collates all prints so that each person receives some of every print, and sends the fabric sets back to each participant.
I decided to do a "double-charm" fabric swap (I found out after I named the swap that these 5"x10" pieces of fabric are sometimes called "bricks.")  oops - Next time I'll name it more appropriately.

1-yard of (3) fabrics: (1)red-orange print, (1)green, and (1) blue fabric.

I still have a few spots left on the swap.  I am going for 28 participants total (this will mean 1 brick each from each fabric to still total receiving bricks totaling 3 yards returned to you).  Click HERE for sign-ups. Or, click HERE or HERE for other posts about the swap.

So some time ago I had seen THIS tutorial by Angela Yosten for Moda.  It is a tutorial for an adorable ABC book.  I made them a couple of Christmases ago for my nieces.

I was addicted (go figure).  I ended up making a few more - using different background fabrics.  I have recently sold the last of them on my ETSY shop. I go making more.  You can still get this same Deb Strain fabric panel - but because it is older, from an independent, small online shop rather than the big ones (I had bought like 8 of them about a year ago knowing that I would want to make more.  I still have 6 remaining).  **to get this to fit on 5" charms, you have to get the panel that has the LOVE U thing in the middle.  The alphabet only panel has 5.5" blocks if I'm not mistaken.  I know that I have seen another alphabet panel (10 little things) that might be cute to make a book out of as an alternate.

I don't want to diminish Andrea's tutorial - so go check it out.  But, I do make a few adjustments when making my own.  For instance, rather than grommets, I make small button holes in the top corner, and use a piece of elastic or suede cording for the loop.  I feel like this makes it more baby friendly.  I'll update with pics as I get the new version completed.

Linky party below!!  Add a link to recent work(s) for the rest of us to enjoy.

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  1. Hi, there are several of us ready to cut and ship but we don't know if we have all the participants needed yet. Can you update us on the flickr group site? Thanks!


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