Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Houndstooth Happiness

Houndstooth Happiness Quilt

I LOVE this quilt pattern!  
I like the challenge of being able to look at a quilt and being able to re-create the pattern.  
This one however, I did not.  
I got the concept of how it was pieced, but was unsure of sizing.  This pattern is created by Vanessa C. over at V and Co.   Seriously AWESOME quilt!  I have seen it done in so many different colors! 
I found this fabric (when I was NOT looking for fabric for me  - I was at the store helping my mom pick out fabric) and HAD TO HAVE IT!  I LOVE polka dots - they end up being gender neutral in my opinion between the color/pattern.
I always struggle with what to do on the back of quilts.  I almost always make quilts over 42", so I have to figure out how to piece the back in a way that does not look like I just added a swatch of fabric to the side.  This one turned out even better than I imagined thanks to the print.  The frames on the back are pieced with some leftover fabric from the front around small rectangles of the background fabric.  Because the print is so busy, you don't see the piecing between the frames or from the frames to the swatch on either side.  I actually think this adds just enough interest to the back.
I was unsure of quilting on this pattern.  I thought about doing it on my regular machine outlining the houndstooth shape to accentuate it, but decided it was just a little too big for easily rotating the fabric.
So, I took it to my lady.  She lives a bit from me, but it is SO worth it!  In fact this last time I mailed her 4 quilts to quilt and she had them sent back to be completed within about 5 days!  I like that she can do an allover pattern to add a bit of interest.
I am just loving this quilt!  I smile every time I see it.  I actually got the fabric and pattern with the idea of a baby shower gift, but I decided to make it bigger than I normally would for a baby quilt.  Also, I just think it turned out so sophisticated that I don't think it would need to be relegated to baby.  I think this would work for an anytime quilt (including just a throw for a living room!)


This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.  You can access it by going to the SHOP page here on my blog, or going to MillieSews on easy

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