Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two Faced Green and Blue Quilt

I love two faced quilts (what I have previously referred to as "trunked pieces")  I tend to make the equivalent of two quilt fronts, but use them as the front and back of the quilt.  I like the idea of a reversible quilt.  This was based off of quilts I have seen pictures of.
One other thing you should know about me, I find it entertaining and challenging to try to look at a picture of a quilt and try to replicate the pattern without a pattern.  This works out better some times over others.  This is an example of when things worked out pretty well.
 The actual "front" of this quilt was based from a post I had seen at Crazy Mom Quilts some time ago.  I had it pinned on pinterest for a time before I attempted it.  I was waiting and collecting various green fabrics just for this purpose.
 The "back" of this quilt - turned out equally cute in my opinion.  It was based on a French Braid pattern that I saw in this Pinterest picture.  Although the link seems to go to nowhere at this point.  Good thing I like to wing patterns or I would still be looking longingly at that picture.
 I wanted greens, but also had originally had blue accents in my living room so wanted to have a stripe or two of blue to make it fit with my room.  Since the original fabric collecting, I changed my couch to a dark brown and new accent color in my living room.  The blue no longer goes (I now have a mustard yellow as accent).  I made the quilt anyway - I already saw it in my mind, so I had to make it knowing it wouldn't match.

 If you only see the couch it still goes, but that is also why I cropped out most of the rest of the living room in this picture.  I still have not invested in my own long-arm quilter (someday, ahhhhh, someday), but the lady that I use when quilts are bigger than a throw, did an allover leaf/loop pattern.

Good news!!  This quilt is for sale over at my Etsy shop: MillieSews

Check it out at the SHOP page of this site, or click the link above for my etsy shop.  Pass along if you think you know someone with a green/blue color scheme!

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