Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mug Rug Maddness Week

Erin from over at Two More Seconds started at great little "Mug Rug Maddness" week. She has been hosting tutorials, links, and giveaways since 3/21 and will continue through the week. I feel better knowing that SO many other people love these little mini quilts as much as I do!

I have previously posted about one such mug rug that I made. I have been thinking of making another (for what I am not sure - since it won't be matching and I am generally the only one who drinks coffee at my house I really only need the 1) for awhile now. I have been running ideas through my head and finally thought I would try a ziggy zag little pattern (but I wasn't going to use a pattern - just "figure it out" for myself). Ooops.

Did NOT turn out as it was pictured in my head.
I didn't use the correct dimensions.

I turned it into this:

Which was more of an abstract hint of color sort of piecey thing. Then, I decided that I didn't like it. It was too busy and yet nothing particularly stood out - death by too similar of color values ONCE AGAIN!

I kept this one as is (didn't feel like taking all those stitches out). But thought I would try something a bit different on the back.

This one I like! A bit of color and piecing that stands out from the otherwise plain background. Added the little circle becuase, well, becuase I love circles!!!!

Hope you make yourself a mug rug or two (if not this week then another instead).

- Sew Sane Jane

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