Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Works (too many!!) in progress

I mentioned in an ealier post that I was frantically cleaning, organizing, and clearing out of my sewing space in our basement to make room for the contractor + some walls!  In the process of doing so I realized, Holy Crow do I have more of a fabric stash than I realized, more scraps of fabrics than I knew, more WIPs than I accounted for, and less natural organizational skills than I realized! 

I bought some Fantastic little containers from the local cheapo store.  The one on the Left is perfect for containing smaller WIPs.  (and I think I am going to get lots of these for organizign scraps by color for my bottle rainbow quilt)  The one on the right was significatly larger and perfect for larger WIPs and I thought for fabric stash (turns out I was wrong!!  I need to get the next size bigger for that.

To piece
Ruffle pillow (worked on, but got frustrated and quit again)
T shirt quilt (cannot seem to get myself motivated for this one)
numbers bib (close to fruition - attach velcro to numbers)

Pink Love U panel (a project gone wrong previously!  I hid it from myself for 2 weeks and need to get it back out and fix - got rid of the EVIL clear vinal and now need to sew on curtain hangers)
Bottled Rainbow w/ Rachel from Stitched in Color (waiting on some fabric to finish organize scraps)
green and dot dishmat Check!
faux suede storage cube (cut and ready to assemble)
2 bibs (that are Adorable, but accidentally sewed shut instead of leaving an opening for turning.  I do this far more often than is reasonable!)
chenille bib (attach velcro or button)

2 more wine jackets (cut and ready to assemble)

To quilt
Gemstones (have to get back to this soon!!  her b-day is coming up quick now)
Hunky dory

Requested projects
Abc book (started - 2 actually)
Coaster set Check!
Mom's quilt (I have the pattern and fabric - but haven't done a thing since purchasing)

counts: too many!!!!

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