Friday, May 6, 2011

Been on a bit of a sewing hiatus

It's been a bit since I have gotten to sit in front of my machine! I have had a family member at the hospital with a Heath scare and thus wasn't getting to sew (hanging out at the hospital instead). That family member is headed back home now - so while I likely won't be at MY house much, I am supposed to bring over my machine to help get her motivated to make a baby quilt for my sister.

Hopefully, this means that I will work on a few things of my own during this time and back to feeling creative. Need to finish all sorts of things such as

Which is all ready to be sandwiched and quilted, or

Which I started quilting and really need to finish

And I have a couple bee blocks to work on for this month, a new quilt pattern idea that I want to try out, a new pattern that I haven't used yet......
And on and on my list goes. Can't wait to get back into it a bit.

-Sew Sane Jane
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  1. Wow, those both look stunning! Make sure to post finished pics too! Hope you have a good weekend, I always enjoy giving other people the sewing / quilting bug :)


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