Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trial and .... Success!!

Thought I would share with you a couple of little projects I have been spending my time on (rather than getting done the big projects that have a due date of course!)

So I was reading my blogroll the other day and saw this fantastic tutorial by Lee over at Freshly Pieced. I have seen the concept before in pictures, but it always looked difficult. Lee gave a great tutorial that made this a simple process!

I whipped this together in 1 morning. Now that might not seem impressive to you, but that is pretty good for me. Saw it, found fabric, cut, laid out, and pieced it together all in 1 morning - yea me!

Now if I would have just found a back, quilted, and bound I would be set!

Not exactly sure where I will use this, these are some of my favorite fabrics, but they do not really go with anything in my house. In hindsight, I guess I should have adjusted the size to make a couple mug rugs - not that I would use them anymore than a placemat. Maybe I will just HAVE to make a few more to make a "set." :)

I also bought a little fabric flower kit from a local craft store last weekend. I was a bit skeptical (those little patterns have a history of turning out Very second-grader-ish on me), but I think it turned out great!

The little patterns shows how to fold and where to cut to make a petal-ish piece, then how to string together to make it look like a flower pin that I would actually wear! I am addicted! I cannot quit making them! I even posted some on my Etsy shop in case you'd rather buy than make your own ;)

I'm sure I'll end up putting them on EVERYTHING! purse (check), hair (check), shirt (check), hmmmmm wonder what I will think of next!

-Sew Sane Jane
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  1. Great job. that tutorial is on my list of things to try too!

  2. I love it! Thanks for, I really want to try it now. Get rid of some scraps!


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