Friday, May 27, 2011


So I am getting ready to paint my living/dining/kitchen area in another week or so. No, I don't need help with the paint color (well, I do, but that could go horribly wrong using photos!). I think I have decided on a color (marked in one of the photos).

What I need HELP with, it deciding if my "blanket rack" looks silly. I have had a mental picture for about two months now of what it would look like if I hung my blankets on the wall. It did not turn out exactly like my mental picture, and I am not sure that I like it. I don't know if it is the concept, the hooks, or the blankets.

I think I like the idea of having my blankets hung up as right now I have them folded on part of the sectional we rarely use or throw them in a closet when people come. However, not sure if the execution is right just yet (I have the blankets hung that we mostly use in the living room - the outside ones are made for me by my grandmothers and the middle is a cheap, store bought one that I got years ago before I began quilting - so maybe it is the blanket choices?)

What do you think? Does it look nice enough to keep? Keep in mind that the blotching paint will be fixed soon - I figured I should try this out BEFORE the room is painted as I will have to fill in all the holes anyway - and this way if I don't like it I won't have to re-pain to touch up.

I have them hung on a partial wall. To the Right of it is the cabinet that is tucked in a small corner and to the left is about 4" of knee wall (over looks the basement stairs) and just further to the left of that is a huge opening to the dinning/kitchen areas.

Thanks for the help!

-Sew Sane Jane
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  1. I really like how it looks, and I would leave it there. I mean, do you still use them or just leave them on the wall? I guess either way, it shows them off in a non-obtrusive way that's still pretty and effective way. I say keep them up! Don't hide those babies! Show off! :)

  2. I love these hooksand they are not distracting. I think it's the blankets. I would have that darker one in the center to focus my eye from the center out. But it's a great idea and specially if you use these all the time.

  3. I love it! I think I may steal the idea. If you are using it as just a decoration then I agree with Anonymous above me. If you use them then just leave them as is.

  4. By all means - borrow away! Hopefully I won't have to use them much for the summer, but I hung up the ones we use in the living room. I figure I'll end up changing out the blankets as I make more for me to keep.


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