Monday, February 20, 2012

Color Me Organized - Child Craft Apron

Craft aprons 
Hello, Hello!  Long time no post.  I have done LOADS of crafts in the last 9 months, but I haven't written about a single one.  I hate when people apologize for not posting, but I just did it anyway.  I have thought about posting about 6 times since my last one.  I had a long break during last summer as I was "DIY"ing our basement.  I started a few drafts of progress posts, but never got around to pics.  I think I really will take those soon.

Then came the start of the school year, which = busy teacher.

Then came the shock of 1,000 (mild sarcasm here) Christmas goals.  So I finally get why people have Christmas in July blog posts - apparently to help keep sanity you should begin preparing your all homemade Christmas "To Do" list before 12/5.  So noted for future years.  I got almost everything I wanted to done, but didn't take a SINGLE picture!!!!  I think I was just so excited to get it done that I wrapped each up before I even thought of pics.

Marker/crayon slots + anything goes pockets
I will likely replicate some of those in the months to come - I'll blog about them then.

So onto pics which is why almost anyone reads blogs anyway!  One project that I did end up giving as a Cmas gift was a craft apron.  I got the idea from a colleague who wanted one for her daughter.  I guess it was not what she had in mind since after I went to the trouble of designing and creating a pattern and several color options she said they were cute and didn't buy a single one.  Silly me - she mentioned wanting one for her son, went to the trouble of making a pattern and one of those too and of course....
you guessed it.  Still sitting in my craft area - GRRRRRR!!!!!

Black with yellow lined pockets.  
I did however, find that my 2-year old niece LOVED the colors of one of the aprons and thought for as much as she is always crafting she might enjoy "dress-up" in the process!  She got the pink one.

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