Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still Obsessed with Number Bibs

I Love these and can't imagine why they are not taking off.  Now I don't mean, "I can't  believe you don't want to buy these," I mean "I can't believe that I haven't seen a version of this popping up on blog-land!"  I think they are so cute and avoid the size issue with onsies.
Gender-neutral dots

Then again, I don't have kiddos, so I'm not always the best judge of what Mommies are into.
One for Sis - with coordinating drawstring bag to keep it all in one

My sister IS into them.  I first gave her one of the trapezoid versions, and she swooned (which made me strut like a peacock!!).  Then, she asked if I would make a few for upcoming baby showers that she had.  I happily obliged.

stitched MO

"growable" bib due to the buttons

 She also wanted a shabby chic boy version.  This was cute blue fabric with textured felt numbers.

 Plus a coordinating bag to keep everything together in between uses.


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