Friday, February 24, 2012

Endless Possibilities Wreath

I love this wreath tutorial because truly it leads to endless possibilities!!
Vintage Fabric Wreath DIY
I bought a green foam wreath form at 50% off from a craft store.  NO batting was applied.  I like the more rectangular look of this instead of a bulkier, rounder look once there is a layer of batting (plus it made this process easy peasy!)

A little accent

A friend of mine bought me vintage fabric from the local flea market last summer.  It was very thin, but very cute fabric.  I literally tore (4) ~3"strips of the fabric (WOF was closer to 60").  Using tiny push pins, I started a strip and used a push pin to attach it to the back of the wreath form.  I wrapped the fabric around the wreath form overlapping each rotation.  As I ended one strip, I made sure it was on the back side so I could use push pin to attach and another to begin the next strip.  Repeat until the entire wreath is covered.
Love the raw edges
 You know my obsession with these fabric flowers right?  I made three blooms (1) 2.5", (1) 3", and (1) 3.5".  I still used the lapel pin glued to the back and simply pushed the pin into the foam wreath form.  You can just see the edge of the pin in the above photo.

I leave it hanging on a simple nail in the entry as a way to add a bit of height to the space.

I've seen this basic tutorial using multiple strips of fabric, modern prints, with finished edges, with yarn, with...., ....., .... and on and on!!  I need about 100 more wreath forms now as I like this one too much to unwrap and re-use as I originally intended.


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