Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun News Ahead - and Social Networking

I know, I know, mean title since I'm not telling you yet....but I just got some exciting sewing news that I can tell you about in a month or so!!  Okay, I can't wait that long - and I think I can tell you early......
We'll see how long I can hold out :)

On another front, I've been quilting my heart out lately.  First up, a quilt I have been making for my Mom (for her birthday that has since passed - go figure!).  I showed her my progress on her b-day - I was done piecing the front and back, I just hadn't quilted it yet.  It is now quilted (see below about quilting) and I finished up the binding this morning.
The quilt is from a pattern called, "Social Networking" from Quilt Soup.  I saw it in a local fabric shop about a year ago, bought the fabric and pattern, and let it sit until January or so.  Then decided I should make quilts using fabric sitting around my house instead of buying new fabric (although I LOVE new fabric!!!)  My hubby was getting a bit annoyed with the stacks and stacks of fabric sets.  One down - a few more to go.

It took me most of the morning to do the binding.  I've gotten faster at hand-stitching the binding, but sometimes wish I had a better ability to machine sew it down instead.  (I've tried and it is fairly ugly when I get done).

The front was from a pattern and I just threw together a pieced backing with leftover fabric. Not sure what happened, but somehow I ended up with quite a bit of "extra fabric. While I generally a, annoyed with myself when I do this, it did make piecing a back much easier than normal!

I love this cabinet - it is in my entry way. I finally made a quilt that matched it perfectly and could use it as a background.

I had my acquaintance, Clora, quilt this for me - my machine and I just fight when I try to quilt a quilt over about 50". This one is more like 70x65 or so and thought she would be able to make it cuter and complete it faster than I. I took (3) rather large quilts to her house and she quilted all 3 in about 4 hours!!!!

More completed quilts to post soon! (I need to go back to binding one more and quilt and bind one other sitting around.

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  1. What a fun pattern, love those asterisks! What a great cabinet too :)

  2. I love the front and back of your quilt - what a present for your mum!

  3. Great quilt! I love the colors and graphic nature of it!!


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