Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yummy Leftovers

So I am NOT a fan of dinner leftovers. I eat them for lunch now and again - but out of convenience - not taste. However, fabric leftovers are a different story!

When I ordered fabric for my Mom's quilt, I over-ordered. I generally over purchase fabric (I always believe I would rather have too much than not enough) - but I WAYYYYYYYYY over ordered fabric for her quilt. I ordered the fabric about a year ago- and it sat in my stash until last month. Thus, I don't know why I ordered so much fabric (as in, I'm not sure if I had a logical reason why - or if it was just a mistake). None the less, too much fabric. So once I was done creating a front and back for her quilt, I made myself one too. Finally - a quilt that matches my Living room.

This ended up working out perfectly as this fabric line had a black base for some fabrics and a brown base for others. Somehow I ended up with some of each (This is why I suspect I MIGHT have had a rationale for buying so much fabric - (2) of the fabrics were dominantly brown based and would not have fit with the other quilt).

I didn't want to use the same pattern (I generally only like to use a pattern once - there are soooo many patterns out there - why limit myself!) So I had to figure something else out. I went with a simple pattern of strips. I alternated between horizontal and vertical and to change it up a bit more I added frames around some of the sets.

I then used still MORE leftover fabric to piece a back. I used to be Very scared of just throwing fabric together to make a back. I generally like symmetry - but lately I have been better about realizing that it is a quilt back and you can't really go wrong with it!

Clearly I still need to sew the binding on - but thought I would share my progress for now.

Quilting itself was done by my contact, Clora (from Coal City, IL). I still cannot get over how fast she is. This was one of three quilts that I took to her one morning and picked all 3 up later in the afternoon. Couldn't believe how fast it was. I end up taking all my quilts over 50" or so to her as my machine and I just fight when a quilt is larger than that. (I SO need to get myself a QUILTING machine!!!)

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  1. GREAT finish! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  2. Wow! You made a fabulous quilt with your leftovers! It has such a calming and lovely combination of fabric! Take care. Deb.

  3. This is so pretty! I love all the black and white fabric!

  4. Love all the print fabrics in this and the touch of sage green with the neutrals is perfect!

  5. I can relate to so many things in your post! Leftovers, overbuying, doing a pattern only once (usually!) I love the way your quilt turned out!

  6. I really like the pattern of your quilt, both front and back! No wonder you ordered extra, the fabric is so calming. Maybe it was your subconcious telling you to make a quilt for yourself too!


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