Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabric withdrawal - sort of

So I have been in a fabric withdrawal for months now (more on this in my next post). Suffice it to say that my hubby and I don't always agree on how much fabric should be at our house at any one time.

I decided that rather than going to buy loads of fabric for a new quilt, I would participate in a fabric swap (charms to be exact) and feel like I was getting lots of fabric for only 1 actual purchase on my part. So I searched around blog-land a bit and kept finding myself a week, or day, or even an hour too late! (2) things came out of this debacle:

1) I decided to host my own swap. Now I was a swap host newbie - but I did some research (great post by ELQ about hosting) and have participated in my fair share. I designed a straight forward - rainbow swap (each of 28 participants are assigned a color - I assigned one of the following to each member: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white/cream, grey/black, brown. If you do the math you will see that left me with 1 participant - I gave her swappers choice - any fabric she wanted!) Participants were to purchase (2) one yard cuts from their assigned color. We are getting some great fabrics! I ended up with red (although red is a fav color 'o mine, it was purely random - promise!). I told participants that hues in the range of the color family assigned were just fine. I chose a red with pink flowers and a deep red hatch fabric.

2) Sign-ups were a bit slow for about the first 4 days of the Charm-tastic Color Swap - then we filled up quick (only did a 28 participant swap). It was slow at first (I think) because you mostly have to just search out blog-land to find swaps. I thought - there must be an easier way to find a swap than having to go directly to 500 blogs before I find one. Then a Charm-tastic swap participant posted the swap in the comment section of her flickr groups and before you know it we have a full swap.

Light bulb moment.....

I want a place I can go to on flickr that shows all the swaps available but again, without having to check 500 flickr groups. THE FABRIC SWAP FINDER it is! So I created a group. Feel free to join even if you are not thinking about participation right this moment. It is intended to be a place to post about swaps you are hosting or find out about - AND a place to peruse so entice you to participate in a swap. We are getting more members each day - if you get a healthy following finding swaps and filling swaps will be a breeze (and maybe I can stop missing out on all these fabulous swaps!) **feel free to grab the button too - on the right column here - to add you your blog or posts.

Well the swap finder is working great - at least for me - I already found another swap to participate in. It is a 3-yard Ispy, polka dot, and stripe swap (1 yard of each) that I just couldn't resist. Don't tell my hubby that this means I had to buy 5 yards (just over) of fabric for the swaps - I always sell swaps to him as a great way to get lots of cool fabric without me having to buy much at all! Here were my fabric choices for that swap:

This was obviously my polka-dot print. Sweetwater for Moda - part of their Reunion collection (I LOVE Sweetwater fabrics!! I think I have loved every line they have produced so far!!)

This is my novelty print - Put a lid on in green by Michael Miller. The picture doesn't do it justice - it is a CUTE fabric!!!!

My stripes - Moda - Modern Workshop line (pattern: 11171; color: 21)

I wanted a set of three the coordinated, but didn't necessarily match (Not sure that was required or even suggested of the swap, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.) Thanks to some help and suggestions from my fav LQS lady, I purchased these 3.

Sign up for the swap finder if you think you may be interested in participating or hosting a swap at some point in your potential future!!

Are you still waiting for my fun news? Coming soon!!!! (I can't believe I have held out this long!)
Sew Sane Jane
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  1. such a great idea!! loving the swap finder :)

  2. Is there any way you could tell me what fabric the red with pink floral fabric is? Thank you so much.


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