Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making progress on change

So I had posted previously my desire to change my Hunky Dory version of Jamie Miller's Awesome Lap Quilt. I love the pattern, but I did a poor job of picking fabrics from my jelly roll for different "jobs" in the pattern. When it got done, I thought it looked like one large hodge podge of cute Hunky Dory fabric. (you can see my attempt here. I'm sure I will attempt the Awesome lap quilt again, but in the mean time, I needed to salvage the cute fabric.
I had posted my work on a great blog, Naptime Quilter. First off, let me apologize, the WIP she had discussed that day had NOTHING to do with ME needing help! Sorry - I had a brain freeze/focus on myself and not her request. If it is not too late - perhaps my update will work for last week's request?!? (I think the cream would represent the negative space that she was referring to?)

Anyway, I did get a few comments/suggestions from that post, and I did find some cute ideas in searching patterns. I ended up doing a little combining of ideas to get....


I actually am liking how it turned out. I added sashing between some of the items - thanks for the idea - but let some items group together.
This took LOTS of stitch removal - I think my vision got just a bit worse over the past couple of days.

NOW, my issue is the back. Because I used most of the backing material for the sashing on the front, I am trying to figure out what to do instead. Help needed please!

So I have this so far. And think I am happy with it. cute coordinating material with a 4" border to replicate the sashing on the front. This is Not big enough! I still have a bit to go on width and about 14" on the length!

Cannot decide if I should just use the cream border and add the necessary width and length with the same fabric as the middle (leaned some of the fabric on once side to create this idea

if I should get some teal, green, or multi-color fabric, add a 2.5" or so inch border next, then finish off with this teal/green fabric.
Suggestions? Does one sound better than the other?

-Sew Sane Jane
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  1. Ah, the backing. Pieced backings have now become my "signature" after so many times of not having enough to use just one fabric. I have always had trouble adding a small border around the outside edges because it seems to get distorted in the quilting process. But maybe that's just me. If you have extra blocks you put a row through the middle to add some extra length. Still thinking about how to make it wider. If it were me, I would probably piece whatever I have left over and make a strip down the length to make it wider. However, I realize not everyone likes asymmetry so that may not work for you. But I really like how the front turned out!

  2. I think I agree with adding a row down the center of the backing. The front looks awesome. I think the sashing really added something to the design.

  3. I always like something down the middle as well (vertically and horizontally) .... asymmetry in my opinion can add some interest.
    Good job on the front!

  4. It's the back, go with what is easiest for you! I do think you will be better off adding to the middle, but if you add a lot then you run the risk of losing that cream border as your excess backing.


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