Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finally finished my Circle Square pillow!

Finally got my "circle square" Pillow finished (added the binding and the actual pillow to make the pics look nicer.

I really enjoyed making this pillow. I strip pieced some cute scraps, cut my desired circle (using a dinner plate as a template) then it to the same black fabric as the headboard using a zig zag stitch.

I got the idea for this pillow after seeing a blog post for making a quilt that looked like this. I toyed around with the idea of making a "hugs and kisses" (x's and o's) quilt using the o's in this form, and I wanted to practice to see how difficult/easy it would be before I went out and got new fabric for the quilt. About 2 years ago I started quilting by making a full-size bed quilt. I bought WAY too much fabric and have been making things out of its scraps ever since (most projects out of these scraps became scraps themselves). I LOVE this pillow though and it currently resides on top of that quilt in our spare bedroom.

I also cut a few small circles and thought I might add one to the back of this sham, but perhaps make a pillow of "bubbles" in the same idea as this one. Makes me smile just thinking about a bubble pillow.

Hope you get inspired to make PILLOWS - as apparently I am going to be on a pillow kick for a bit (I have about 7 new ideas added to my "to make" list)

I decided to submit to the Blogger's Pillow Party - go check out the other submissions!
Blogger's Pillow Party

-Sew Sane Jane


  1. oh wow, I love this! It's such a lovely design and so perfectly finished!

  2. oh wow, I love this! It's such a lovely design and so perfectly finished!

  3. Very nice, Jane. Your pictures are great. And, I agree, a bubble pillow is a very happy idea!

  4. I love your pillow, its name is great too "square circle", love it!


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