Friday, February 11, 2011

Ready for Spring - and a coaster party too!

So I have been hibernating in our basement (so my hubby says, except he says hibernating in our sweat shop because he thinks he's funny)working with Moda's Sunkissed layer cake. This fabric makes me think of spring / summer so maybe I keep hiding and sewing becuase it makes me forget that I still have 5' of snow piled in our front yard from the snow plow! I am READY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!

Until we get there, I'll just have to keep sewing spring instead!

yellow and pink colors make me think spring, but coasters also make me think spring (no, I have no idea why - they just do). So...

and a few other views:

These made me think of spring too!

So, while I am thinking nice things about mother nature at the moment - I also am realizing that I now have too many coasters!!!
More cuties for sale on my Etsy site

1 comment:

  1. What lovely coasters - the more I see the Sunkissed fabric, the more I love it!


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