Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunky dory update

Since I was once again unprepared, I moved on from the gemstones quilt to piecing the hunky dory quilt this afternoon. (I really don't know what I will do when I go back to work next week, I will surly go through sewing withdrawals!). I had previously cut the jelly roll strips as the pattern stated, and started piecing the "frames."

I finished the frames, trimmed them with my ruler square, and sewed 9 sets of three frames. I pressed the seams and set aside.

I found that trimming each block helped!  used my square to even up the edges and make sure that each side block was the correct length.

before trimming


I like to sew seams that face opposite directions.  I find that I get a better, straighter seam.  So when I ironed the seams for each block, I ironed the two outside squares of each set to the 7.5" pieces and the middle block of each set to the middle.

I then sewed three 14" strips together (long sides together) for a total of 6sets of these (except I think I ended up with 7 and had an extra - still trying to figure out what I did wrong there). And sewed three 27" strips for a total of (6) sets of these (again, I think I actually made 7, so I had an extra).

I then laid out the sets of frames - one per row with a total of 9 rows. Then laid out the strip sets - trying to avoid having the same pattern or colors too close to each other.

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