Sunday, January 2, 2011

2009-2010 projects

 Ignore the stuff around it - this was my FIRST project after I got my sewing machine in 2009.
 I had actually intended these to be my Thanksgiving napkins - but the pumpkin looked silly being smaller and made the napkin less useful when it was so big.  Instead, I ended up using it to decorate the door of a little cabinet and as the towel to keep the rolls warm.
 I used some leftover fabric to make an iPad holder.  I have the apple case - so this was more to keep so much dirt from getting on/in the case while it is in my purse.  I borrowed the flower idea from a pillow that I saw on the site.
The posting on Crazy Mom Quilts blog said that I would be addicted to making these little fabric containers once I started and she was right!!  These are fantastic!!!!

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