Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sparkling gemstones quilt

I had found a jelly roll pattern in a book at the library - great source for ideas without the cost- and made a photocopy of it. Oops, I know, violation of copyright - but I will just avoid sharing the pattern specifics online and it won't feel like such a violation.
Any who, this "easy" jelly roll quilt has been a pain in my rear for the past 3 months that I have been trying to motivate myself to complete it! The "squares" that it described to make (based on their dimensions mind you) were rectangles!!!! This meant that piecing one next to another that was rotated 90degrees was Very difficult as they did not line p well. Even more of the pain was sewing the strips of 9 to another strip of 9!

I FINALLY got the top pieces and realized today, I don't have enough fabric for the back! Somehow my pieced top is about 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than it said it would be - so I am now hunting for more fabric or a new idea for finding the extra yardage. Moral of the story... Well, i'm not sure buy more than you will need is a good moral - but it would have been a better option in this case.

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  1. I just got my jelly roll to start this quilt and realized that my book is in storage. What do you do about the 1.5 inch borders. Do they sell fabric like a jelly roll for that? What is it called?


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