Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK day sewing.

So I was off work today which meant I should get a thousand things off of my sewing to do list right?!. Why of course not! I sew in our basement and have a radio on when I sew - I was waiting for the UPS guy today(had to sign for my replacement dishes that I have been without for 3.5 weeks) and was not afraid I wouldn't hear him. Thus, I wasted most of my day upstairs piddling around waiting for him to arrive. By 3pm I finally got down there to begin!

Worked on finishing a cute little fabric holder that I started yesterday

To total now 4 cute containers - these are proving to be cute, quick, and addictive!

Then moved on to bibs. A friend of mine just finished making a real chenille baby blanket. It inspired an idea for a bib. This pic is pre-washing, but cute anyway.

And a recent fabric purchase had sparked the vision of this next one. I actually have a few different animals, but this one was the most complete.

How cute right!

Finally, somewhere in there I pin-basted the sparkling gemstones quilt I am making - I finally bought some batting for it.

Not too bad for trying to turn my idealistic sewing day into a sewing power evening.

-Sew Sane Jane
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  1. Hi again-- I'm your 2nd follower-- do you have a source/link/tutorial for the adorable fabric holder/container? I'd love to give it a try!

  2. Esblack,
    Yea, 2 followers! The little holder that has the "wings" on the corners is from:

    I then adapted that to create one without the wings. I would be happy to work on a tutorial post for it.


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