Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hunky dory jelly roll quilt

I found a Very cute "recipe" from the Moda Bake Shop.  It is their "Awesome Lap Quilt" that I am going to try to turn into an awesome twin size quilt. 

I found a great jelly roll pattern on the mod a bake shop site. It was cute and only needed 1 jelly roll and backing fabric. I purchased one of Moda's jelly rolls - Hunky Dory. Very cute fabrics!! You are supposed to cut 4-7.5" pieces, 4-3" pieces, and 1-2.5" piece from 18 of the strips. HOWEVER, my strips were apparently shorter than they expected so I had to adjust. Instead I cut the 7.4 & 3" pieces as directed and cut 27-2.5" pieces from 2 extra strips.

 So this is where I am at so far - had another hunky dory quilt post to describe more of what I am doing.  Now need to sew rows together and decide on which fabric for a border to make it longer.

Notice that only some of the squares are noticeable now that it is all pieced together.  I apparently still need to work on the saturation of colors when deciding on fabrics.  (saturation is the not the color itself per se, but the depth of the color.  For instance, if I took a black and white photo of this quilt, would you still be able to see the pattern - no way!  thus, didn't do a great job on saturation choices.  The squares you can see here in the B&W version are the ones that are the solid colors).

The blog that I had my inspiration from was using a different set of fabrics.  For their fabric set they chose to "keep out the solids for the binding," and "pic strips and dots for the squares."  In hindsight, with this particular jelly roll I think it would have been better to use the "solids" as the squares, the "dots and stripes" for the binding, and the other patterns as the horizontal pieces.
Ahhh, good 'ole hindsight: Live and learn!

-Sew Sane Jane

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