Monday, January 31, 2011

fabric holder tutorial

Okay, so a bit ago I posted a few pictures of some cute, addictive fabric holders that I had been making. I got the original pattern/tutorial from a blog that I frequent called, Sew Mama Sew. The Pattern is made by Jennifer Casa who has her own fantastic blog.

I liked the basic pattern, but ended up folding down the top edges of my first go-round so you could see the inside fabric a bit more. Inside of the one in the pic is a set of 6 fabric coasters that I made with other pieces of the same layer cake.

I then decided that while this was very cute, I might find more use to holders that could sit right next to each other - so what if I got rid of the cute "wings."

They turned out pretty good - you can see the edging stitch a bit - but it is still a finished enough edge that it looks nice. One of my 2 followers (yea, better than none, and hopefully the beginning of more to come) asked if I would make a little tutorial of the adaptation. so....

I still started with two coordinating pieces of a layer cake (or could be any 10x10" fabric choices). I used a mid-weight interfacing on the back of each.

Once the interfacing was attached, I notched out the corners. I decided notch out a 2x2 section from each corner (will become the "walls" of the container).

Do this to all 4 corners so you end up with a layer cake that looks like this:

Repeat with the other layer cake piece.

Sandwich the two layer cake pieces right-sides touching and pin around all sides. Plan to leave a 4" opening along one side (I have to put pins blocking or else I sew right past the part I was going to leave open!)

Sew a 1/4" seam allowance around the perimeter on all but the 4" marked area. Snip small turning slits on the "inside corners" and trim off the corner on the "outside" corners (Be sure NOT to snip/trim past the sewn perimeter as this will create a hole). Turn the fabric right-side out, being sure to get all the corners extended. fold in your 1/4" seam allowance on the 4" opening. I like to iron the seams down at this point. I slid in a small 5.5"x5.5" piece of chip board to give the bottom of the hold a little sturdiness. I slid it in as below, then topstitched the opening closed and around all the sides.

(I have bought chip board from Staples on numerous occasions. They only sell it up at the printing/coping area, and only if you ask nicely. The other option I have used is cut sections of cereal boxes as they are about the same thickness)

Once you have top stitched, start at one corner and align the edges of the "walls" of the holder (making sure the inside corner is the bottom edge and the outside corner meets as the top edge. I pinned in place and folded the center section on top so I could easily fit it to sew in my machine. Repeat on each of the 4 corners.


A cute fabric holder it is.

-Sew Sane Jane
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  1. I would like to make your earlier version where you fold down the edges so that you can see a little more of the inside fabric. Do you have instructions on how to make these?


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